Riga April 2018

In Europe, 75 to 100 million people have a disability. This is more than 10% of the population. They have received legal recognition. Since the start of this century, several Christian organizations who work with people with disabilities have formed a network.

European Disability Network

Global Access flyer

Global Access Conference 2020

Join Joni Eareckson Tada, Nick Vujicic, and many more speakers from around the world for a unique online conference October 14-17 2020, live and on-demand. With content available in five languages, Global Access Conference 2020 will strengthen the body of Christ, mobilize the church to action, and connect regional and global leaders in disability ministry for partnership.

In John 9, Jesus says that disability is not a result of sin but an opportunity for God’s glory to be revealed. Unlike our culture, when it comes to disability, we should expect great things from God!

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  1. How.. ?? How !!?? It is only just to do it..I have an handicaped son, now 27, who cannot see and speak since his birth..he had not enough ..compliance, oxygene..and an epilepsy since than..but, he can hear, walk, a little serve for his neccesaarie like take his hand for eating..but not for serving properties..and he enjoy hearing music, making drumms. .. and to be together with others..if it not to loud for so long..and he likes to be in a church or community, but is not allways accepted..that’s a pity. , but he likes the friendship of his parents, his father, that ‘s me and his mother..and his younger brother..and grandma..and some special friends..but that is not ‘naturally#, that is is..

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