Steering group


Baiba Baikovska (Latvia)

Involved in Latvian work of Wings for Wheels – ministry for people with mobility disabilities.

E-mail: baiba dot baikovska at gmail dot com

Therese Swinters (Belgia)

Involved in the Flemish work of Gemeenten en Gehandicapten (Churches and Disability)

E-mail: therese dot swinters at telenet dot be

Martina Köninger (Germany)

Involved with PerspectiveForum Behinderung, a working-group of the Evangelical Alliance in Germany

E-mail: M dot Koeninger at gmx dot de

Tibor Miklos (Hungary)

Involved with Bartimeus – a special focus on peoples who suffer sight loss

E-mail: tibor at 3miklos dot hu 

Evelyn Apinis (Latvia)

Evelyn and her husband are founders of Wings for Wheels – ministry for people with mobility disabilities in Latvia. She is originally from Estonia, but is working as missionary in Latvia from year 2002.

E-mail: apinis at ywam dot lv

Jordi Torrents and Lydia González (Spain)

Jordi and Lydia is involved with Mefi-Boset – a christian ministry that works with people with learning disabilty and their families in the area of Barcelona.

E-mail:  jtorrents71 at gmail dot com

E-mail 2: mefiboset at unida dot es

Tony Phelps Jones (United Kingdom)

Tony has been involved with Prospects for 30 years, working with people with learning disabilities in the field of spiritual growth. He has written many accessible worship songs and developed Bible teaching programmes and an accessible Alpha course.

E-mail: tony dot phelps-jones at ntlworld dot com

Markus Fiala (Austria)

Linked with Bartimeus in Hungary

E-mail: trafikfiala at gmx dot at