Steering group

EDN syteering group in Zoom

Therese Swinters (Belgia)

Involved in the Flemish work of Gemeenten en Gehandicapten (Churches and Disability)

E-mail: therese.swinters at

Martina Köninger (Germany)

Involved with PerspectiveForum Behinderung, a working-group of the Evangelical Alliance in Germany

E-mail: M.Koeninger at

Tibor Miklos (Hungary)

Involved with Bartimeus – a special focus on peoples who suffer sight loss

E-mail: info at

Evelyn Apinis (Latvia)

Evelyn and her husband are founders of Wings for Wheels – ministry for people with mobility disabilities in Latvia. She is originally from Estonia, but is working as missionary in Latvia from year 2002.

E-mail: apinis at

Jordi Torrents and Lydia González (Spain)

Jordi and Lydia is involved with Mefi – a Christian ministry that works with people with learning disability and their families in the area of Barcelona.

E-mail:  jtorrents71 at

E-mail 2: grupmefi at

Pete and Christine Winmill

Involved with Count Everyone In – A Christian charity in UK equipping churches to enable people with learning disabilities to Know & Grow in their love of Jesus.

E-mail: nfo at