God Loves Albania Ministries (GLAM)

GLAM is a Christian organisation that has been active in Albania since 1991. Initially, the organisation coordinated relief and missionary activities, and currently specialises in the special needs of people with physical disabilities, not only providing people with wheelchairs but also assisting with rehabilitation, education and integration from a dedicated centre in Tirana.

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Christ und Behinderung

Christ and behinderung logo

CuB are reaching out to people with physical disabilities with the Gospel and helping them to integrate in churches, organizing meetings, outings etc.

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Torchbeariers Schloss Klaus

D.I.G. “Diakonie in der Gemeinde” is a Schloss Klaus ministry which operates two daycare centres for people with disabilities, situated in the towns of Windischgarsten and Kirchdorf.

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Gemeenten en Gehandicapten vzwG&G logo

G & G is a non-profit organization committed to helping churches, to improve integration and inclusion of people with disabilities, who often live isolated lives. The churches don´t want to exclude anyone, but are not always aware of the needs of persons with disabilities. G & G organization wants to be a source of information and support for people with disabilities and churches.

1 Corinthians 12 : 22

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E-mail: geng at telenet dot be


Light for Life-BulgariaLight For Life Foundation-Bulgaria

Light For Life Foundation was founded in 2001 and throughout its entire existence serves to provide holistic medical and social care for people with permanent physical disabilities and their families. Light For Life Foundation offers mobility rehabilitation, psychological support and consultations, art activities and provision with supporting facilities and instruction for their usage for people with disabilities at outreach, at their homes or at the Center For Social Rehabilitation and Integration. Light For Life organizes cultural, sports and entertainment activities for children whose parents are people with disabilities.

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Postal address: Res.area Gotce Delchev, block 250, entrance A, fl.1, apt.2, Sofia1404, Bulgaria

Lora Foundation

The Lora Foundation seeks to better the lives of the destitute children of Bulgaria.

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New Hope for People with Disabilities

New Hope is working with and for people with disabilities in Bulgaria. Their purpose is to reach people with disabilities with the message of the Gospel.

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Croatian Disability Ministry

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Marianne Sondergaard

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Christlicher Körperbehinderten Verein und seine Freunde Annaberg e.V.

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Dienet einander

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PerspektivForum Behinderung

PFB are working within the German Evangelical Alliance. Their aim is to raise awareness in Christian churches and organisations to include people with disabilities. Our members are spread all over Germany and we meet three times a year to prepare conferences, put leaflets and flyers together with informations around the theme of disability, Christian beliefs and inclusion of disabled people in Christian events.

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Bartimeus FoundationBARTIMEUS logo

The Bartimeus Foundation is a Christian organization with a vision for the blind and partially sighted people in Hungary and East Europe, committed to share Christian resources and activities and connect the disabled with Jesus Christ.

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E-mail: info at bartimeus dot hu


Joni and Friends

JAF Italy main purpose is to increase awareness about the ministry towards the disabled people.

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Stanza Enea (Aeneus´ room)

E-mail: tonyrozzini at hotmail dot it


w4wblkWings for Wheels

W4W is a ministry  for people with mobility disabilities that was started by YWAM Riga in 2007 with the goal of reaching out to people with disabilities, to give them a chance to hear the Gospel and attain eternal life.

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Charity Mission for the Disabled

The Charity Mission is a Christian, non-profit and non-political organisation. Their vision is to take the love of Christ in word and in action to severely disabled people in Moldova.

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Joni i Przyjaciele Polska (Joni and Friends Poland)

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Ser Alternatieva

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Caritatea is an extended family, where the members speak the same language, the language of suffering. Activities between people with special needs are based on one question: What good can I do here?


Luci Iacob

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Hana’s Hope

Sharing the Hope of the Gospel with those affected by disabilities.




Mefi-Boset is a christian ministry that works with people with learning disabilty and their families. We work in the area of Barcelona since 1996. We offer activities for leisure time (specially for adults) and support to the families.

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E-mail: social at unida dot es  (Lydia González)


Glaube und Behinderung

 Glaube un Behinderung

People with a disability do not need separate church services, they need the admission warm welcome in their church.  We seek spiritual welfare – for people with disabilities, and help churches to understand and integrate people with a disability. We advice – about structural barriers – we give biblical answers to questions – we give the people with a disability a voice in the churches and in society – we organize holidays and weekends – we speak in church services, in seminars and in theological training centres.

Our differences are often visible. It is how we are – and we are created by God. God loves every one of us personally and has a plan for us; that gives us hope. We share this hope with other people in the same situation. We support people with a disability, to find their place in the church. We set an example of how to support people with a disability.

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E-mail: info at gub dot ch


Kardelen Mercy Teams

Kardelen Mercy Teams is charity incorporated to support the care of the disabled and their families in Turkey.



New OpportunitiesNew Opportunities logo

“New Opportunities” is the ministry to people with special needs in Lutsk.

Our goal is to practically take care of people with disabilities and motivate other churches to start this kind of ministry.

Our vision: Opening of new opportunities for disabled people and churches.

Our mission: Planting and developing ministry for people with special needs through churches.

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E-mail: fimiamonwheels at gmail dot com

Mission to Ukraine

Mission to Ukraine serves children with disabilities and women in crisis pregnancies.

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New Life centre Kiev

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ProspectsProspects logo

For over 40 years we have been working in partnership with churches and national Christian holiday conferences to enable people with learning disabilities to feel welcomed and to express their faith in Jesus. We have been equipping volunteers from churches across the UK to offer accessible worship and Bible teaching to people with learning disabilities in locally run ministry groups.  There are now over 200 church-based groups.

A wide range of resources have been developed for use by these groups, including worship songs available on 5 audio CDs, daily Bible reading notes and Bible teaching materials, all from Prospects via their website.

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E-mail: ministry at prospects dot org dot uk

Through the Roof smallThrough the Roof

Through the Roof works with and through disabled people and churches to transform individuals and communities.  Our vision is of a world where all people live interdependently, giving and receiving as God intended.  We provide churches with resources to include disabled people and offer Christians life-changing volunteer opportunities.

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E-mail: info at throughtheroof dot org

Torch Trust

Torch Trust is a Christian organisation with a worldwide vision for people with sight loss

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Europe Milal Mission

Milal is an international evangelical movement, which intercedes for people with disabilities all over the world. It was started in 1979 in Korea by a theologian of the Presbyterian Church, who went blind for no apparent reason. Milal has employees in Germany, Austria, Hungary, France and Spain.

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