Riga April 2018


EEA TC, Disability and the Church, theological paper, June 2019

Hope for Europe 2018: “The Beauty of God’s Air Under Our Wings” by Jordi Torrents
The European Disability Network (EDN) coordinated a series of workshops in Tallinn about how the Christian community can and should take into account people with disabilities.
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European Disability Network: “God is able, He does not disable us” by Jordi Torrents

The network of Christian ministries working for the inclusion of people with disabilities celebrated its tenth European gathering in Riga (Latvia) with the participation of 12 countries.
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People with disabilities should be able to participate in every Christian community by Joel Forster, Evangelical Focus. Interview part 1

Only in the European Union, 70 million people live with some kind of disability. Churches should “get the issue onto the agenda”, says Thérèse Swinters, facilitator of the European Disability Network.
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Disability is only a small part of our identity by Joel Forster, Evangelical Focus. Interview part 2

How can the church better include people with disabilities? What was Jesus Christ’s approach? Thérèse Swinters (European Disability Network) speaks from her own experience.
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Developing Young Leaders with Disabilities by Dave Deuel

Today, we might comfortably discuss ministry by, even under, but especially from leaders with disabilities
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Hope for Europe, Tallinn 2018

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