War in Europe: January 2023 – Relief delivery and further evacuation of 5 people from Ukraine

Hueg’s comparison of how well we all work together as a team with these cogs that all mesh and work so well together is very apt and I am amazed at how once again everyone takes their place and everything works out wonderfully.

Hüg and Axel set off, Anna books the overnight stays in Poland.

The two are already a well-established team. Axel loves driving. Hüg takes care of navigation and communication with us, when Axel doesn’t have to rest a bit and Hüg gets to take the wheel.

During the overnight stay near Kassel, Hüg can marvel at what Axel has already collected with his people for the planned upcoming truck trip.

But first we start with a load for the transporter, because 5 more people are to be picked up.

A family can join the large group of over 70 Ukrainians evacuated last year in Marion’s house. The way Marion looks after this large group, with all the challenges that each one brings, is great. She is loved and respected by the residents.

An elderly woman belongs to the family already living in Hueg’s house and can now be fetched.

A short break and soon they have covered a huge distance and arrive in Poland.

A happy reunion and after the greeting they repack the vans.

The team from Ukraine has met them, the goods are reloaded and the passengers board the sprinter bound for Germany.

But before they set off, there is refreshment.

In order to shorten the long distance a bit and to work as efficiently as possible, people will be picked up on the route and taken to their destinations this time as well. Hüg always likes to illustrate the whole thing for everyone.

The family has arrived well at Marion’s house and can now settle into the group.

What a joy to be reunited as a family and to be safe.