The Appeal for Help: “The Association of Blind Sisak county” in Croatia

Danko Tomanic, president of “The Association of Blind Sisak County” gave us some information about the devastating earthquake in Croatia.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We kindly ask you to pray for us and help us in the great tragedy that the recent earthquake caused to Sisak County and the blind people who live here. In the area affected by the earthquake live 115 blind people. Most of them are older than 65 years. There are also some younger people, as well as people with some additional disabilities. These are mostly unemployed people or retirees. Most of them live on social welfare. The victims of the earthquake have enough food and clothes and the accommodation is getting more and more organized. Nevertheless, the appropriate accommodation for people with disabilities is still problematic due to unsuitable facilities and the space unknown to blind people where they can’t orient. We are working to get these people back to their homes as soon as possible, so participating in the renovation of their homes would be our priority.

Here people live in great fear. We know that this fear is not from God. Only He gives security so I pray for providing psychological and spiritual help to the frightened people with disabilities around me. My (Danko) wish is to provide them with a multi-day spiritual rest with lectures by experts in Christian psychology, and my kind request to you is if you would be willing to pray for financial help to organize such conference in some sooner future time. It does not require a large investment and we would be able to contribute something on our own. “

A little bit more information about Danko Tomanic. We met in 2015 at the Global Access conference of Joni and Friends and he is well known by other contacts of EDN.

The EDN account can be used to give for this conference. We will forward that to the Croatian Association to help them helping.

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