WAR in Europe. 5th trip to bring people with disabilities from Ukraine. What can one person do about the disasters in this world?

This time again the destination was Bad Bellingen, because the group that was there went to Switzerland as they needed intensive neurological care.

Saturday, 19.03.2022

After a loving care at the “Wilhelmshof,” Hüg and his friend Alexander set off again to the hotel in Poland for the next evacuation of 59 Ukrainians.

A VW bus and a coach complete the convoy.

In the VW are 4 drivers because they are to bring a Sprinter from Ukraine. On the journey they begin to get to know each other and have team meeting. Hüg coaches the group and everyone feels well taken care of and is highly motivated.

Sunday, 20.03. 2022 we go to the Ukraine now already with a certain routine.

Two men who were not on the list had tried to join the group, but unfortunately were turned away at the border and had to stay behind. Alexander stayed at the Polish border and organized food for the group from the many NGOs that are now there and offer food for the refugees.

This is how it must be, a Muslim and a Christian working together to evacuate refugees with disabilities.

Monday, 21.03.2022 all are welcome again in the “Bethlehemsstift” in Hohenstein-Ernstthal.

Tuesday, 22.03.2022 After breakfast, almost everyone goes on. A mother with daughter and a son in a wheelchair stay behind because they want to go on to Hamburg and will be picked up at 9.00 am. At 12.00 o’clock I get a call, what is planned with the family, they are still here. After a few phone calls it turns out that the plan to go to Hamburg was more of a wish than a good plan. With the help of the “Fördergemeinschaft für Querschnittgelähmte Deutschland” we are now looking for a suitable place for the man with tetraplegia.

All the others from the group have meanwhile arrived well in Bad Bellingen and are slowly settling in.