9th trip from Tuesday, 12 April to Good Friday, 15.04.2022

Axel, Manfred from the foreign mission and Georg are three drivers with bus licenses this time.

The Netherlands suddenly cancels, they can’t take the 20 people they promised, it must have been a misunderstanding. So once again everyone sets off without us having a destination for them.🙈

Bernd and Ihor drive the van with mattresses for the two who are transported lying down.

Parallel to this journey I can send Sascha, a fireman colleague of my daughter, with Milal’s transporter from Kiel to Poland to pick up 8 Ukrainians. Three of them are children, three need a wheelchair and one can walk a little. One carer is part of the group.

The people have been sleeping on mattresses on the floor in a church building in Poland for more than a week and it is so good that I found a nice accommodation with the AWO at https://www.hilfsabfrage.de/

But where to put the 30 Ukrainians who are travelling by bus and van? Thank God, more and more people are actively supporting me in my search. In the Vogtland region there are flats for everyone except wheelchair users. That doesn’t help. At a pinch, they can go to the Spring Family Festival for a fortnight and stay in hotels there, but that doesn’t work either, because there are no more wheelchair-accessible rooms. Even wheelchair users have to go to the toilet sometimes, and if the door is too narrow, that is not possible. Now the group will spend another night in Hohenstein-Ernstthal and I need a destination for them. The three who want to join their family in Denmark will be put on the train to Hamburg in Zwickau from where they can continue to Denmark.

Thank God, Andreas has received a promise from the Evangelical Foundation Lichtenstern. All 30 people can be accommodated there and there is even a nursing service. The house fits perfectly in terms of the number of beds, only the beds had to be made up. Just as if it had all been planned long in advance, everyone arrives safely on Good Friday, 15 April 2022.

A family of four with a dog stays until Thursday and is then taken by Markus from “Faith and Disability” to a beautiful house with a garden in Switzerland.

Now we can all celebrate Easter!


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