War in Europe: December 2022 *Aid delivery to Ukraine and evacuation of 5 people

In large parts of Ukraine, the hardship is that the infrastructure is being destroyed more and more and there is no electricity and no heating in many places. This is particularly bad for the elderly and people with disabilities in winter.

That’s why Axel and Hüg set off with Hüg’s new van and a trailer provided by FeG Auslandshilfe. Full of generators, battery-powered construction lamps, food, warm blankets, clothes and nappies,… we set off.

At the border, Hüg carefully goes through all the documents with the border officials and records what can make this process go faster for us in the future. He learns that in Ukraine aid organisations are assigned a specific number and that it makes the work easier if we mention this number in our letters.

In the Agape Centre, they are trying to prepare as best they can for a potentially long war by creating storage space and building a barrier-free air-raid shelter.

A family with a son in a wheelchair and a single wheelchair user need help to get out of the war zone to safety. They will be given a lift on the way back.

Well arrived in Luzk, the drivers decide that they will spend the night there today and not in Poland.

The return journey with the now light, because empty trailer on snow-slippery roads is a challenge

The family can join one of our Ukrainian groups in southern Germany and I was able to find a barrier-free flat for the wheelchair user in northern Germany. The family is picked up near the city of Kassel and brought to the south, Bernd and Walter set off to bring Kolya to me.

Now they will spend a night with us before they go to register with the authorities and to their new accommodation tomorrow.